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Never Too Old To Be Young

Rebecca Potter

There is something about being on a swing that I just can't get enough of.

It might be that feeling of freedom that occurs when swinging so high it feels like flying. It could be the sense of being a kid again and having no cares in the world. Or it might be the immense amount of daydreaming that floats in my head while I swing back and forth. 

Whatever it is, I love it and I will never grow too old for it.  

I think growing up too fast has become a mini epidemic. I've seen girls as young as six look more like a teenager than I looked at the age of 16. The way girls dressed used to be about the pretty butterflies, flowers or sparkles on their shirt. Now the way girls dress is to impress everyone around them. What happened in the nine years since I was 16?

Life can bring so much more joy when you can truly be yourself, be young at heart and be free from the negativity that surrounds you everyday. I have learned this through the past couple years and I am definitely still learning this every day.

I encourage you to start on a journey of discovering yourself and your passions and what makes you feel truly free, beautiful, and happy. 

Meanwhile, I'm going to go find another park with a giant swingset :)