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Internal Reflections: first reactions


Internal Reflections: first reactions

Rebecca Potter

Have you ever said something without thinking about what you were going to say and right after you spoke, you immediately wanted to take it back?

Yea, me too...or maybe it's just me? 

I word vomit; and the interesting thing is, pretty much every time words come out of my mouth in situations where my opinion is not needed, they are spoken out of selfishness and pride. Every thought running through my brain in that moment are about me. If I didn't hear the response I wanted from the other person, my first reaction is usually speaking words I want to take back immediately after they come out of my mouth. 

I never really thought about these first reactions reflecting my own selfishness, but after spewing out harsh words a few times and being told that I was being selfish, I've decided it must be true. I am more selfish than I thought.

Selfishness is something we are all born with. It is survival instinct to fend for ourselves, but it should also be survival instinct to fend for others as well. In almost every situation where selfishness arises, we end up taking out the most important factor; the other person. Two is better than one right?

I know for me, when I really step back and examine a situation where I've just blurted out all my woes, I really would rather support what is best for the other person rather than what I want in the moment. 

Learning to tame my first reactions will always be a journey, but I know it's one worth taking.

Nothing should be done because of pride or thinking about yourself. Think of other people as more important than yourself.
— Philippians 2.3